A call for the international community to test ground-breaking ideas in the UAE

Are you struggling to find funding to bring your innovative ideas into reality?

About Moonshot Pilot Grant

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation along with the Global Innovation Council are launching the Moonshot Pilot Grant to turn ideas into reality by testing breakthrough practices with the UAE government. The fund could reach up to $100,000 per pilot.

The Moonshot Pilot Grant is a result of the Moonshot Apprenticeship Program which was incubated in the UAE during Summer 2021. The program brought together exceptional young talent from around the world to work together and create Moonshot concepts for the UAE to adopt in its transformative 50-year plan.

The Pilots will

Help in evaluating reliably what works and what does not


Mitigate risks, as it helps in taking ideas into practice fast, identifying flaws on a limited scale


Accelerate development of innovations, as it enables governments to think more creatively and explore the sphere of the unknown


Enable showing concrete actions that change the core of governance.


Help create pockets of innovation that can be scaled to support governments


Help generate learning

Grant Model

The grant idea needs to connect core of government activities. The applicant is responsible of defining the pilot based on her domain expertise ensuring the relevance and global demand for the results. This includes:

  • The motivation behind the pilot - why this pilot is needed?
  • The hypothesis to be tested in the pilot - what is the pilot about?
  • The approach of the pilot - how the hypothesis will be tested?
  • The outline of the pilot - what are the expected outcomes?
  • Monitoring the execution of the pilot: The applicant is responsible for helping the UAE counterpart in execution of the pilots.
  • Evaluate the results: Applicant is responsible analyzing the results and anticipated impact of the pilot. This includes: Drafting a short chapter (3-4 pages) to be used for a global communications outreach plan
Roles and Responsibilities

in charge of designing the implementation model and is guiding the UAE stakeholder to execute the acid test.

UAE Stakeholder

in charge contextualizing the pilot to UAE and is using its own resources to execute the acid test on ground.

Grant Criteria
Improves Governments
Disrupt systems
Practical, answers the “how”
Timely: to be completed in 6 months
Present practical leaps in relevant sectors
Implemented in the UAE; Exported to the World
Globally Relevant
Supports learning
Who can apply?
Innovation Experts
Social Innovators
Individuals with a passion in public sector innovation