Challenges that societies are facing during the next few decades are significant, requiring governments to effectively lead societies towards desirable outcomes.

Despite many promising innovations in different pockets of governments, the core activities of governments remain, however, unchanged.

The mission of the Global Innovation Council is to imagine and set in motion the future of government innovation.


Today, we’re facing strong external factors that force transformation upon us, such as carbon emissions that we have inherited from our industrial societies. The crisis caused by the outbreak of Covid-19 has made the necessity for transformation visible for everyone. Governments were not ready. And still, governments were the ones that everyone turned towards in the times of crisis. 

The industrial era gave us innovations of governance such as parliamentary democracy or separation of powers. They have been instrumental in guiding us through the industrial era challenges. Today, we have 10-15 years left to define which are the new innovations that enable setting up a new system of governance. The climate crisis alone is setting boundaries that cannot be exceeded.

The speed of development has never been as fast as today. Governments need to stay on track with the pace of change in the rest of the society. We need a global platform for accelerating the development of governance. A body that collects knowledge about new practices of governance, that invites governments to join and learn together, and most importantly, initiates pilots that can reshape how we think about governance.

This is our mandate. We hope to share the current best learnings and get the rest of you onboard.

About Council

Global Innovation Council – the most radical way to build the future of public governance



The Council narrates the future of public governance. We create consensus about change and accelerate collaborative learning.



The Council brings best experts in the world to turn ideas into reality. We test breakthrough practices with governments.



The Council unites governments around the world to build the governance that is needed in the post-industrial era. No one can build the future of government alone.

Our Members

HE Huda AlHashimi

Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Strategic Affairs

Marcos Bonturi

Director of Public Governance, OECD

Geoff Mulgan

UCL Professor & Former CEO of Nesta

Jorrit de Jong

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management at Harvard Kennedy School.

Mariana Mazzucato

Chair in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value at University College London

Paul Bennet

Chief Creative Officer of IDEO

Ilse Treurnicht

Former CEO of MaRs Discovery District

Ping Fu

American Business Executive & Author

Juha Leppänen

Chief Executive of Demos Helsinki

Our Stories

Agile Nations Charter

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, the Danish Business Authority, the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitalisation of Italy, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs of the United Arab Emirates and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the United Kingdom, hereinafter individually referred to as "the Participant" and collectively as "the Participants" have reached the following understanding:

Adapting Public Finance for the Challenges of the 21st Century

Adapting Public Finance for the Challenges of the 21st Century

What Kind Of Governments Will Arise From The Pandemic?

All eyes have been on governments since the outbreak of covid19. Actions taken by governments play a significant role in how societies survive the peak of the virus and how quickly they reopen. But what kind of governments will emerge as a result of the pandemic?

Government Talks with Rodney Ghali: “COVID-19 has fueled our experimentation activities”

In the midst of Covid-19, citizens throughout the world have searched for leadership and guidance from the government. How had the fundamental change looked like inside the government? Rodney Ghali from the Impact and Innovation Unit at the Government of Canada joined the Global Innovation Council’s webinar.


Watch the wide range topics covered at the Global Innovation Council by the members, click below:

Geoff Mulgan

Highlights future trends in government.

Huda Al Hashimi

GIC: Is a collision of like-minded people.

Jorrit De Jong

Talks about building a community of global innovators.

Juha Leppänen

What needs to change in the core of government?

Marianna Mazzucato

Rethinking the role of Government.

Llse Treurnicht

Putting citizens first.

Marcos Bonturi

Scale up the experiences from the UAE to the world. 

Ping Fu

Highlights the different sides of government.

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