2071 Moonshot Apprenticeship

Uniting young minds and governments to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time

About the Apprenticeship

The Government of the United Arab Emirates has committed to building a transformative 50-year plan that will show what will the future of governments look like in 2071. We are now looking for extraordinary talents who are willing to define the core aspects of governments in the future, and to be part of the Moonshot Apprenticeship Program. 

This program will be hosted in the UAE Read More

Program Incentives

The Program will offer graduates an opportunity to work with government officials to develop moonshot pilots, as well as other incentives including:

A network of global experts, mentors, and leaders

Access to attending UAE/Global organized events

An opportunity to be an advocate for Government Innovation globally

A jumpstart to a potential career whether in the UAE or globally



Intellectually ambitious and willing to explore practical solutions to tough problems.


Able to work in cross-disciplinary teams. We believe that the future of government requires broad expertise: you can be a political scientist, economist, or artist.


Able to combine theory to practice. We expect you to be excellent in managing workflow and different projects.


Comfortable with communications activities and motivated to work as part of a team that is building a global community around innovation


Able to effectively speak and write in English


Either a Masters or Bachelors graduate with a GPA equivalent to 3 or above